Christine W

As a Chicagoan, I fell in love with South Haven during a girls’ weekend in the 90’s. We wandered through town shopping and tasting and marveling at the breathtaking sunsets, then laughed ourselves to sleep in a quaint B&B.
Whenever my husband and I needed a quick, affordable escape, we’d head to South Haven for easy weekend getaways. Once our kids arrived, we’d rent a condo for a week during the summers. Soon enough, it wasn’t hard to convince extended family to join us for that vacation week, since everyone found something fun to do. While some would spend the day beachside or ride bikes along the Kal-Haven Trail, others took walks through town, meandered through a festival or slipped back in time inside antique shops. We kept coming back to South Haven again and again. While we considered investing in property of our own, the notion of maintaining a second residence didn’t feel like “us”. We enjoyed the ease of relaxing in South Haven and never wanted that “vacation” feel to turn into something else.
As our trips evolved to include more and more friends and family, we’d rent homes to accommodate larger groups – and that’s how we came to meet Terri Webb. We rented her Beach Glass Cottage several times -- for family getaways and girls’ weekends -- and appreciated everything from her design and décor to her professionalism. Recognizing how frequently we rented, Terri suggested educating ourselves about area properties. She took the time to learn what we loved about South Haven, what our price range was, and where we spent the majority of our time (in our case, it was on the water!).
Months of emails followed, filled with property listings and endless questions from us. How do second-home owners manage the logistics? What are the tax implications of a Michigan residency? Terri consistently provided prompt, courteous answers, and always with a positive attitude.
In our circumstances, we came to understand the benefits of ownership vs. renting and started looking at properties in earnest, and this is where Terri’s knowledge of the market was a critical asset.
After a particularly discouraging showing, I remember saying to Terri, “I wish we could find something more like some of your rental properties. I guess we’ve just been spoiled as renters of yours!” At that point, Terri mentioned a property she’d been helping to prepare – one that wasn’t yet on the market. As I stepped onto the porch and looked at the views of the lake, then walked through the interior at the gorgeous setting, I knew we’d found the perfect house, and it was all because of Terri Webb.
Buying a home – let alone a second residence – is an undertaking often associated with stress. However, Terri took all the stress out of the process for us. She’s organized, professional, relaxed and knowledgeable. She guided us through our search in the manner of a sincere friend, helping us to find a home beyond our expectations.